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    MD PRO 1 - Colour Microfilm Deep Tank Processor

The MD PRO 1 processing is based on ilford P-5 that guarantees perfect results to meet the high demands of microfilm processing with regard to long-term durability, archiving security and high throughput.
    MD AW 2 Series Archive Writer

Introducing the next generation of Archive Writers, MD AW 2 Series with 3 different models to suite all various users need that produces the highest microfilm resolution with the fastest production rate but yet most affordable archive writer that the industry has ever seen before.
    MD AW 1 Series Archive Writer

The AW 1 Series is a hybrid technology which provides a long-term archival solution for your digital preservation needs.


    ST ViewScan® II - FILM ● FICHE ● FASTER™

The ST ViewScan II is the first collection scanning solution designed completely around the user experience. Both the hardware specifications and the state-of-the-art software functionality were developed to enable every user to be able to find what they need fast.
    ScanRobot® 2.0 MDS - Mass Digitization System

The ScanRobot® can scan every page with the exact, equal and maximum resolution independent of the book size, thickness and the paper quality.
    W&W 8850 Microfilm Roll Scanner

Introducing the 8850 Scanstation, the new generation of production microfilm scanning technology from Wicks and Wilson. The unique design offers an innovative new approach to production microfilm digitisation...